Jamaica watersports

Jamaica Water Sports

Like any island nation, Jamaicans love their water sports and there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to get in on the fun. Scuba diving is a popular Jamaica water sport, with quality facilities ringing the island. While it is illegal to scuba dive without certification, many licensed operators around Jamaica offer certification courses. Most professional diving establishments like the Negril Scuba Centre, North Coast Marine Sports, and Dolphin Divers, will certify, equip, and guide you on your day in the water. Snorkeling is also available throughout Jamaica, and is a tamer way of exploring the island's undersea offerings (sunken ships included!).

Fishing is another Jamaica water sport to enjoy and, as fishing licenses are not required, all you need is a boat! Arrangements to renting a boat can be made at most hotels and resorts, as well as at local lagoons and harbors. For deep-sea fishing, chartering a boat complete with crew and equipment is recommended.

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