Jamaica shopping

Jamaica Shopping

Jamaica shopping has a little something for everyone. From art to clothing to specialty foods, shops across the island are filled with items that can't be bought anywhere else on earth.

For unique Jamaican handicrafts, try searching through one of several Jamaica shopping markets that showcase the local artistic talent. It is advisable to arrange your visits to craft markets so as not to coincide with cruise ships being in port, otherwise you will be competing with huge crowds, which could ruin your Jamaica shopping experience. Craft markets dot the landscape throughout Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay (head for Market Street), and Negril (especially Rutland Point), but don't miss out on Things Jamaican -- in Kingston at the Devon House and at Sangster Intl. Airport in Montego Bay - considered one of the best places to pick up various Jamaican wares. With some of the best prices in all of Jamaica, the airports are also good locations to stock up on cigars, Tia Maria liqueur, and fine Jamaican rum.

Higher-end and specialty goods can be procured throughout Jamaica; with a little bit of shopping around, most visitors can find very good deals on duty-free items such as watches, perfumes, designer clothing, and jewelry. For more basic needs such as groceries and toiletries, do as the locals do and check out Jamaica shopping malls and pharmacies in whatever region you are in.

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