Jamaica Securiy

Jamaica Security and Health

There are few security and health issues in Jamaica that can't be overcome with some basic precautions. As tourism is the most vital part of the Jamaican economy, ensuring the health and safety of the country's visitors is taken very seriously, especially in resort regions. Within the heart of Jamaica's resort towns, being aware of any special water conditions and of the powerful sun is usually the extent of Jamaica health concerns. Most governmental Jamaica security advisories warn tourists of straying too far outside of these areas. With petty theft and violent crime prevalent in some urban areas, it is advisable to avoid walking alone, especially at night, through Jamaica's more densely populated towns. Gang violence is also a problem in the inner-cities. When touring larger cities during the day, visitors should keep track of their belongings at all times and keep them tucked close to the body. Tourists should also be aware that drugs, including marijuana, are illegal in Jamaica, and possession of any drugs carries a heavy penalty there.

While many people tend to be leery of the drinking water in any foreign country, water quality is not a Jamaica health concern. Modern treatment plants make Jamaican water safe to drink, brush teeth with, wash, etc., though bottled spring water can be purchased at shops and restaurants throughout the country. As a precaution, the World Health Organization suggests, but does not require, being immunized against Hepatitis A before traveling to Jamaica. If tourists do become sick there, Jamaica health facilities are generally good in the capital region of Kingston as well as Montego Bay, but finding medical services in outlying areas can be problematic. Overall, it is not difficult to have a safe and happy trip to Jamaica.

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